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Arena x El Dios De Los Tres

At M-Automoción we are an active, enterprising and modern business group. Our passion for electric motorbikes made us incorporate a year ago the dealership The Moto shop in which, amongst other brands, Arena stands out. Arena is the new vision of 100% electric driving, a young, modern and fun brand, with an elegant design and intelligent technology, which offers a smooth ride, efficient spending and total safety.

Arena is the perfect combination of personality and elegance, dynamism and comfort. Our 100% electric motorcycles are the ones that best suit your daily life, whether you are an individual, a professional or a company. Arena is ideal for you to enjoy riding in your city and move with whoever you want in your own way without giving up your style.

After several meetings, work and initiatives, today we are proud to announce our new collaboration: Arena x El Dios De Los Tres.

Javier Navarro is the genius behind this brand of character and inspiring personality. That’s why the match between our brands was instantaneous. His work inspired us, we wanted to focus on more than just electric traffic, now we wanted to get the attention of pedestrians, cyclists and drivers in the city. To make the pleasurable circulation that an Arena electric bike offers you, a unique and fun experience. The result of this collaboration is a union of eco-mobility, silence, design and art. For lovers of riding and art, this collaboration goes for you.

«I am a multidisciplinary, all-terrain illustrator: a being who loves artistic creation and design.» This is how Javier Navarro describes himself. He is a unique and particular artist, his work left no one indifferent, thanks to the originality of his work. El Dios De Los Tres is characterized by a combination of colors and a mix between baroque and surrealist art.

This collaboration has only just begun, follow us on instagram @mautomocion to keep up to date with all of them. For the moment we are delighted to officially present the retro helmet AGV 3 ⁄ 4 customized by El Dios De Los Tres. We offer you two different colors, one with a white background and the other with a black background, both with a design full of personality and fantasy.

Dare to discover all the projects we have prepared for you, following us on instagram @El Dios De Los Tres. You can also not miss the opportunity to win one of the two original helmets of El Dios De Los Tres. How to get it? Follow us on instagram @arenamotor_es and we’ll tell you how.