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As of 2035 only electric or hydrogen cars will be sold.

2035 has been proposed by the European Commission as the year of change. From 2035 they intend to completely eliminate the sale of gasoline, diesel or hybrid vehicles. At M-Automoción we always look to the future and we believe that this plan will be carried out and will help us to grow in a more sustainable and pollution-free world.

The European Union is always one step ahead in terms of sustainability and conversion to a green world. That is why the European Commission, in order to meet its tough targets to curb climate change, has set its sights on transport, concluding that a change is necessary.

The European Commission has been clear and strict, with radical measures that will benefit us all in the long run. The ban on the sale of these fuels will be phased in gradually. From 2030, only 45% of cars emitting CO2 will be allowed to be sold. And then in 2035 the sale will be 100% electric cars.

However, although the plan is well defined, it must first be negotiated between the European Commission and the European Parliament, and be approved by the 27 partners that make it up,

Will you be able to drive gasoline, diesel or hybrid cars?

At first, we will say yes, because it is true, but the Commission has already advanced that the restrictions towards these increased. For example, the Spanish Climate Change Law has already been defined, which establishes that before 2023 municipalities with more than 50,000 inhabitants must create zones where the circulation of combustion cars will be restricted.

Will the price of electric cars be reduced?

The European Commission speculates that prices will adapt to the market. It is certain that the supply will increase as brands continue to launch new electric models on the market. And demand will also increase, either on the user’s own initiative or as a result of restrictions. As a result, the price of batteries will fall. The Spanish Ministry of Ecological Transition forecasts that by 2025 there will be price parity between a combustion vehicle and an electric vehicle.

At M-Automoción we have been talking about electric cars and the future they represent for some time now. Once again, we invite you to enter our website and discover the wide variety of models that we have. You can also read here the advantages of an electric car.