M-Automoción opens The Moto Shop, the first Horwin and Arena store. | M Automoción

M-Automoción opens The Moto Shop, the first Horwin and Arena store.

Minimalism, avant-garde and the product presented as art, because each model is a work of engineering, sustainability and design with a captivating personality.

This is the idea behind The Moto Shop, a showroom-store that presents the electric motorbike in an exclusive environment, both for the expert biker and for those who are taking their first steps in the world of mobility on two wheels. High dark ceilings, metal grilles and cement columns create an industrial atmosphere with a twist of modernity given by neon lights, giant LED screens and recycled materials.

This engineering innovation will be represented by Horwin, Arena and SEAT MÒ. «Their models are pioneers in the current market of electric motorbikes, with above-average quality standards and designs designed for each of the audiences that coexist in them urban areas,» explains M-Automoción’s general manager, Miguel Ángel García.

The concept also addresses the current needs of customers in the acquisition process. Inspired by new business trends, The Moto Shop offers an innovative and technological shopping experience. Paperless, closer and more personal. A personalized treatment that guides the buyer at all times to help him find the bike that best suits his lifestyle.

The relationship with the buyer will remain alive after the purchase. The Moto Shop will also offer official after-sales service for the maintenance and repair of the models, as well as all kinds of facilities and accessories to provide more exclusivity to each bike through a customization service.

Come visit The Moto Shop at Aragón 499 in Barcelona!