The sailboat Hydra, sponsored by M-Automoción, wins the King’s Cup | M Automoción

The sailboat Hydra, sponsored by M-Automoción, wins the King’s Cup

The last day of the 39th Copa del Rey MAPFRE saw the winner being the sailboat ‘Hydra’, the boat owned by Óscar Chaves and sponsored by the M-Automoción group.

During the competition, the yacht was able to withstand the pressure, especially in this last race, of its main competitor, the ‘From Now On’, and fight to take the victory in the final classification, being only one point ahead of the second.

The crew worked hard throughout the day, with good navigation and great cunning, which led them to the well-deserved victory.

We cannot pass up the opportunity to congratulate Óscar Chaves and all his team who, during all the days of competition, worked hard and as a team so that everything went as planned.

José María Ponce, the boat’s helmsman, explained that at no time did they fear for the result, even though they sailed the last day with four casualties. «I would highlight above all the work of Fernando León as tactician. He nailed all the maneuvers. We were always well positioned on the race course in all the races. Of course, for us, as I told the crew yesterday, this has been the Copa del Rey León.»

M-Automoción has also won yet another victory in the mobility of the future, sponsoring the winning boat of the Copa del Rey, a sustainable competition since the participating boats are zero-emission.