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Vive La Moto 2022 arrives, don’t miss it!

Once again, the Vive La Moto 2022 event is coming to Madrid. The event will take place from March 31 to April 3.

Vive La Moto, is an event with a great recognition as it is attended by all major brands of electric motorbikes, offering a wide range of models of e-bikes. From M-Automoción, we will attend with our brands of electric motorbikes Horwin, Arena and OvaoBike.

Do not miss a unique opportunity in the world of electric motorbikes! In addition to knowing in detail all the models of the different brands, Arena, Horwin or OvaoBike, all those who attend Vive La Moto Madrid, may be the first to know the new models we bring to market.

Arena has decided to go for a bike with an urban and comfortable design. The new Vortex is perfect for riding around the city, either alone or accompanied. It offers the perfect dimensions to make every ride comfortable, fast and ecofriendly. In line with the performance of its other models, such as smooth and silent acceleration, LED lighting, or the electric motor. The new Vortex stands out for its double battery with 2 connectors. What allows a double connection? Arena has decided to go a step further, and create a double connection with 2 batteries that allow you to enjoy the autonomy of two batteries, without having to take care of changing the connector. Now nothing will limit your trips, do not worry about the battery and ride without limits in your city.

On the other hand, Horwin, will be in Vive La Moto Madrid with all its models that we already know, but exclusively, will present the new Sk3. It has the best performance in the market, double battery and a fast and silent acceleration. Horwin bets for this model that stands out for its design and riding style. The Sk3, following the line of the EK3, also has a central engine and chain drive.

For all the curious and lovers of motorbikes and electric motorbikes, the fair Vive La Moto Madrid, is the perfect event to meet these new models of Arena and Horwin and to discover all its details and advantages. In addition, all those who fall in love at first sight with either the SK3 or the Vortex of Arena, if they make the pre-booking during the fair, will be able to enjoy a discount of 500€. And they will be able to start enjoying their electric motorbike at the end of April.

To buy your ticket for the biggest electric motorbikes fair in Spain, click here.

At M-Automoción, we like to grow, innovate and progress. We have returned to bet on a brand of electric motorbikes. This time we want to talk about OvaoBike, a brand of electric motorbikes that will revolutionize the market. OvaoBike offers premium models of electric motorbikes with great performance. It will also be present at the Vive La Moto fair in Madrid, where you will be able to know all the details of this new brand. If you can’t wait, click here and we will tell you all about the new brand of electric motorbikes that will revolutionize the market.

From M-Automoción, we encourage you to visit our websites, both Horwin and Arena, and get familiar with the models. You can also book a test drive with any of the models of our brands.

Some pictures of the new Vortex from Arena:

Images of the new Horwin SK3: