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What you need to know to charge your car correctly

For the past years, interest in electric mobilty increased around the world. Although its market share is growing more slowlym more and more people start to buy electirc vehicles.

Electric cars are gaining momentum in the automotive industry and this has inevitably led to buyers becoming interested in this type of vehicle and its technology, in addition to the multitude of advantages it brings.

This remarkable sustainable increase in the automotive sector has been forced in large part by government policies implemented in recent years, which aim to encourage the development of electric mobility. However, there is no doubt that the technology is evolving at a good pace and will be increasingly implemented in the sector as an alternative to thermal vehicles.

It is true that currently there are still many limitations to pass the baton to an electric car, and there are many questions that cross our minds when we think about it. Where can I charge my electric car? How can I charge it? Unlike a combustion vehicle, which has many service stations where you can refuel, in the case of electric vehicles it is not so easy to find charging points.

Options for charging an electric vehicle

Currently, there are two alternatives when it comes to charging an electric vehicle:

Personal charging point: The most convenient option if you own an electric car is to have a charging point in your home garage. Charging times are extended hours and that makes it useful to take advantage of the night or a prolonged presence at home so you can have it at 100% when you want to drive it. However, all that glitters is not gold, since installation costs, which are not exactly cheap, must be faced. It is true that some brands include the cost of the charger, but the most advisable thing to do is to install a WALLBOX. This device allows to adapt the installation to the qualities of the vehicle and to increase the power of load, besides diminishing the necessary time for the same one. This installation has an approximate cost of 1.000 €.

Another alternative for your home is a domestic plug, but the installation and the plug itself must be able to support the additional energy demand. A negative point that this type of charging unlike the WALLBOX has, is that the charging time is much longer and is not ideal for long term battery maintenance. Therefore, this option should be considered in case of emergency.

Public charging point: The simplest and most economical. The only limitation is to find a free charging point on the public road or areas that are enabled for it. Remember to plan ahead when making a long distance trip to know where charging points are available along the route.

Is it worth buying an electric vehicle?

Why do we believe that electric mobility is the most recommended option for short journeys or getting around town?

First, because these vehicles have a zero carbon footprint, i.e. the pollution they cause is non-existent and this factor helps to considerably reduce pollution in large cities. In addition, these electric vehicles do not have any type of mobility restriction when accessing big cities, unlike combustion cars.
Another point to take into account is the savings at the end of the month that exist in an electric car. As these vehicles do not have a combustion engine, there is no gasoline consumption and the electricity consumption is much lower. That is why it becomes the most economical option in terms of fuel costs.
In short, we are facing the mobility of the future: an electric, economical, sustainable and efficient mobility. If you want to keep up to date with the latest news from the world of motors, please visit our website, we are waiting for you!